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June 2019
Every year June 27 marks National HIV Testing Day. This celebration hi…

March 2019
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

November 2018
Diabetes Awareness Month

May 2018
Skin Cancer is considered the most common of all cancers. Recent data …

August 2017
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines immunizat…

April 2017
Alcohol Awareness Month

November 2016
The cost of quality health care in Asia continues to increase.

November 2016
It’s often quoted that life is a journey, but this same concept is now…

November 2016
It’s often So prevalent is type 2 diabetes

April 2016
World Immunization Awareness

March 2016
Save Your Vision Month

February 2016
Heart Month

December 2015
World AIDS Day

October 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

July 2015
The month of May marks the celebration of the National Physical Fitnes…

January 2015
Cervical Health Awareness Month

News & Updates

Technology is in almost every part of our lives.

In 2016, GSMA Intelligence estimated that there are 4.7 billion people using SIM cards – that’s j…

Visiting the doctor can be a pricey affair. Even before the potential costs of lengthy and complex treatments, just popping by for a consultation can …

Illness is frightening. Diagnosis is frightening. But what happens if the diagnosis is wrong or the treatment suggested isn’t the most effective optio…

Diabetes and its complications are a growing concern in Southeast Asia.

Asians have a higher risk than other genetic groups of developing the cond…

It’s hard to deny the transformation that the digital revolution has thrust on us and on our habits. Despite this, the insurance sector has seemed imm…

Increasing numbers of people around the globe are developing eye problems, from eye strain to short sight, as well as more serious conditions such as …

There are some things in life you just can’t put a price on and good health has to be top of the list. Staying fit and well is crucial to everything w…

Southeast Asia is perpetually and increasingly at risk of flooding, with serious consequences for human life and health – not to mention economies and…

What is the impact of prescription drug abuse on insurers and the workplace?

If we look at the United States, the average US citizen takes a presc…

‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.’

So said the Irish-born statesman, author and philosopher Edmund Burke, some time in the 18t…

How do you really measure the effectiveness of corporate wellness initiatives?

Should Asian companies hold employees who smoke accountable?
It’s a big question and requires a careful and nuanced answer.

Healthcare insurers are facing significant challenges when it comes to keeping their costs under control in Asia.

In 2012, prostate cancer accounted for 15% of all cancers found in men globally.

In that year, research from GLOBOCAN (part of the International …

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a global problem.

The condition includes all diseases of the heart and circulation, and more people die from it wo…

The cost of quality health care in Asia continues to increase.

The factors behind the rise in health care costs are only going to intensify over ti…

So prevalent is type 2 diabetes these days that we probably don’t need to spend long describing its causes and symptoms.

It’s often quoted that life is a journey, but this same concept is now playing a major role in a healthcare revolution that has been underway for seve…

Cynergy Care is pleased to announce the launch of its new office in the United States.

Cynergy Care is developing a e-Care capability to be offered to existing and future clients in select markets within Asia.

Cynergy Care is planning to enhance services offered in the US market.

Cynergy Care conducted its annual strategy and planning meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Cynergy is gearing its operations platform to service the growing mobile insurance market.

Cynergy Care is expanding its regional health care network throughout the region.

Cynergy Care finalized its 2014 annual report for all operating companies.

Cynergy Care hosted a hospital workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 11th of June 2015 on the importance of Clinical Pathways in controlling health ca…

Cynergy and ACE

held a joint strategic product planning session in Bangkok, Thailand on 23 April 2015.

Cynergy Care announced plans to implement a system that would replace swipe cards and the need to make phone calls in verify eligibility.

InterQual is a core part of Cynergy Care’s business strategy moving forward. “Cost and Quality are the concern of all stakeholders in the continuum …

Cynergy Care continued to grow rapidly in 2013 despite a sluggish economy in several global economies. Asia remains that fastest growing region for …

McKesson InterQaul is used by 7 out of 10 of the top insurance companies and managed care organizations in the United States.

Cynergy Care has formed a new subsidiary company in Turkey, Cynergy Saglik Bakim Danismanlik Limited.

Cynergy Care has announced plans to expand into a few European markets in 2013.

Cynergy Care successfully expanded its operation in Japan with one of its global business partners.

Cynergy Care continues to experience rapid growth in the dental business that it manages in Asia.

ynergy Care will expand its operation into Europe in 2012.

Wonderbox Technologies is the leading web-based software in the United States for health and dental care administration with more than 15 million memb…

Cynergy Care opened an office in Makati to serve as a regional support hub for some of its business in the region, as well as technical coordination p…

Cynergy Care is proud to say that it successfully expanded operations to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia during the first quarter of 2011.

Cynergy Care plans to officially launch its office in Shanghai, China.

"We are very excited about this important designation" says John LeBoeuf, Cynergy Care's CEO.

"Thanks to the company's success in Korea and a growing global client base, Cynergy Care will expand to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in 2011"

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